We Climbed Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa!

Guess what everybody? We climbed to the top of table Mountain!



We started at approx 950 feet, and over 2-3 hours climbed to 3,610 feet!

It was really exhausting, but worth it!


The views were outstanding all along the trail!

Table Mountain overlooks Cape Town and is flat like a tabletop.


Remember the view from our beach place in Blouberg?

Everyone said that this climb was a “must-do,” so we decided that we would take on the challenge.


In one part, it was terribly hot from the glare of the sun, and then when you reach a huge shadow in the gorge, it is freezing cold. So you must be prepared



Sunny and Hot


Shady and Cool



When we were finished, we were soaked in sweat.


What an Accomplishment – look at the town of Camps Bay Below to give you a Perspective

At the top, you get a beautiful view of Cape Town, Camp’s Bay, and the Cape of Good Hope, where we had been the day before.



We did it!

After we tore our eyes away from this extraordinary view, we ate a peaceful lunch in a restaurant at the top of the mountain.


Then we took the tram back down to the parking lot.


It was a great accomplishment!


The rest of the day we relaxed and had a good time – with a big steak dinner! During a two-hour load shedding experience – which I told you about in a previous post.


Dining during “Loadshedding.” This is when certain areas of the city go black or dark to save electricity, but the restaurants all have their own generators…..thank goodness!

We are having a good time – I hope you’re having a good time, too, reading my posts.

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7 thoughts on “We Climbed Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa!

  1. There was a restaurant at the top?? 🙂 That made me laugh! In NZ sometimes to get people to climb a really step hill or small mountain you’d lie and say “Hey there’s a cafe at the top!” Of course there wasn’t but some people would believe it! But in your case there really was! Brilliant!


  2. Such beautiful pictures and an amazing journey! I’m enjoying the tidbits of history and culture that you include in your posts.
    Lots of memories to last a lifetime… wishing you good luck as you continue your trek.


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