We Have come ‘Full Circle,’ Around the Globe! Food, Fountains, Fun, and Farewell…


Hello, everyone!  I hope you have enjoyed reading all the posts from your Junior WorldTrek Reporter.


I just counted them, and I have written 67 posts with more to come!.  One of my goals is to become a published writer/journalist, so this has been a really great experience for me.


My parents told me that I AM officially published now, on the largest public domain in the world, the internet!  🙂

So now I have been encouraged by many people to keep writing, so I think I will write a couple  more blogs about the RTW trip and then maybe continue writing about other things that are important to me.  How does that sound, everyone?!

Here’s what I want to share about the last days in Budapest.  We enjoyed as much as we could when we were hungry in Hungary — let’s see what I mean:


The famous traditional Hungarian Goulash

We went back to Sir Lancelot’s after our friends, Andy & Ara returned to Switzerland.



More wonderful Soups!


Remember the fountains to music?


These were the misters that came on every 30 minutes at the Parliament to help cool everyone down – and take great photos!


Another famous Hungarian Soup, Cold Cherry Soup.


I-see, Ice Cream Flowers!


Not really swimming! But I did miss my swim team this year!!! I’ll be back!


The second longest river in Europe, the Danube, and of course the beautiful Parliament building.


3 flavors on this petal cone – Yummy!


I know you are wondering if I “ate the whole thing!?” Believe it or not, I had help 😉

World famous salami, from Szeged!  We brought some home, and Mommy G brought some back to Andy & Ara in Zurich.


It is also home to world-famous paprika – The Hungarians love paprika on many things — and so did we!


Look at these pictures of the paprika that we found in our cabinet after we got home!

IMG_2714 IMG_2727

And this is the one that we brought home from Hungary.


The last night of our trip we went and had some paprika chicken, and went on the night boat cruise on the Danube.




It was a relaxing way to enjoy the end of our European Expedition, and our RTW (round the world) adventure!


OMGoodness look at our route in Europe, the last continent we visited before heading home!


Look at the ground (and sea) we covered in Greece – Greek Islands, Athens and Delphi!


We flew over to Rome, then traveled by train the rest of the way to Florence, Venice, Zurich, Salzburg, Vienna, Budapest and around Hungary. Check out the blogs for more fun details about each stop!

Mama K and I left and flew through Stockholm.



Of course, we had to enjoy some fresh seafood from Sweden.


And Mommy G is staying for 5 more weeks to continue touring Europe, to include a little more time in Budapest, then Croatia, and more…..


I’ll miss you, Mommy!

I am sad in many ways that our trip is coming to an end.  But I am SO excited to start 5th grade, and see my friends, and tryout for the school sports and theater productions when I get home!


First breakfast home – blueberry pancakes – Yummy!


Of course, we had to go to Trader Joe’s and get all the favorite things we had been missing.

I will write again soon to share my reflections and more about our wonderful and exciting journey, so….

Stay tuned for more posts from your Junior WorldTrek Reporter.


Keep Calm and Travel Around the World!