Trip Around the World

We are so happy to be on this adventure together that was 10 years in the making!!!  Please come along to experience our journey with us!  Namaste, Karen, Ginny and Makenna


159 thoughts on “Trip Around the World

  1. Looks like a fun time. I need a vacation, but i can’t wait for summer break! Over here is the same, wish i was there. You should read the book called LOOT HOW TO STEAL A FORTUNE by JUDE WATSON.


  2. We miss you so much makenna can’t wait till you update your blog but we already know what your doing but can’t wait till tuesday when we get to learn more about your adventures from the one and only Makenna harding davis


  3. Hi Makenna it is me Bella D. I hope you have a wonderful adventure on your journey around the world. It has been so long already since you have left. I can’t wait to see more of your adventures!


  4. I still have your book(The Spirit Animals;Hunted) and I am keeping it in a safe spot.I thought your grandma might forget to give it to you. I’ll give it to you when you get back. Have a safe trip and see you in about 2 months.


  5. For that caption I would put “The giraffe could not stand the camera one little bit.” and koala’s eat eucalyptus leaves.


  6. Hey Makenna! It’s Paul here, and this is the account on my IPod. The class misses you and we hope to see you soon. By the way, the testing that we just completed today (Friday) had a lot of writing involved in it, you would have done great on the test! Well,
    I hope you’re having a great time! Keep calm and travel around the world!


  7. hi Makenna, me, Mykah, Seema, Rachel, and Danisha are playing Percy Jackson, i made up my own caracter , his name is Storm , son of Hades, i wish you could play the game with us. hope you have a great time.


  8. Hey Makenna, I hope you are having a great time in japan. That was really cool when you got to pick out your own wand. Everybody misses you we all are amazed at how awesome your blog is. Well, see you next year. Keep Calm and Travel Around the World!


  9. Really? Summer is boring? I thought that when I get back,we could come up with a language of symbols and words , like ” waffles pancakes yogurt!” So, what are you going to do this Summer!


  10. Hi Makenna! This is Rachel. I got your post card! I bet you’re going to have lots of fun in Greece! Can you take some pictures for Dhanisha, Seema, and I to see, maybe? Happy Birthday! I miss you too!
    Your BFF,


      • Hi Makenna! This is Dhanisha. I got your post card but I never got time to say anything to reply for it. I know that you are going to love and have lots of fun in Greece. Sorry I couldn’t say happy birthday on the day of your birthday but anyway Happy Birthday.

        Your BFF


  11. Hi Makenna!

    Loved reading your blogs! It was so great meeting you and your moms on the train! Katie and I just got back to San Diego and are so exhausted from the trip. We took your advice and had lunch at Trattoria Mario and we also were 2nd in line to see David! Thank you so much! Hope you are enjoying the rest of your trip! 🙂

    Take care,
    Katrin and Katie


  12. Hi Makenna! Your mom Ginny reached out to me on airbnb and we’ve been trying to figure out a way to contact each other outside of airbnb. My email is and my mom’s email is Can you pass that along to her? I’m so envious of your trek!! I’m going to look through your blog and live vicariously through you today! Safe travels! Hope to meet you this winter.
    Best, Lisa


      • Hi Mekenna,

        love your blog and all the adventures you and your moms have been able to experience! How are you doing? enjoying being back home and in school? We love to think about the three of you!

        Keep smiling and discover the world!

        Alina, Shail & Sona (bordercollie)
        From Taupo New Zealand


      • Hello Alina,
        I am so glad that you liked the blog. We are doing well, after such a long trip, we were very glad to finally come home. School is exciting, though I can’t wait for Christmas Break. At school, I am going to be in the Geography and Spelling Bee!! Hopefully, I will win and go an to the Sacramento Bee, than to the State finals, and so on. Well, I am so glad that you enjoyed the blog! Congratulations on the baby girl!
        See You Soon!
        Makenna Harding-Davis/H-D WorldTrek Reporter


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