Buddha Bangkok!

Now we have experienced the golden Thailand!
Ploy took us to one of the most amazing places, a gianormous surprise…


The reclining Buddha!!!



The temple that has this humongous statue behind the gates is called Wat Pho, or if you want to sound really sophisticated, it is called Wat Phra Chettuphon Wimon Mangkhlaram Ratchaworamahawihan.


There were beautiful buildings everywhere.


The reclining Buddha is about as big as a whale, and is laying down saying that, “it is okay,” as he lays down in his final days.


After we tore our eyes off this wonderful statue, we walked to the other side of him, to try and see the 108 auspicious characters on the bottom of Buddha’s feet. Unfortunately, this area of Buddha’s feet was being restored so we could not see the characters, like flowers, dancers and white elephants.



There are 108 bowls representing the characters and In each of the 108 bowls you drop a coin for your good fortune. The money also helps the monks maintain the wat.


Did I mention that every day in Bangkok it was very hot – over 100 F. In fact, the day we went to the Grand Palace it was even 110 degrees!


They were constantly restoring their historical sites.




Simply amazing sites and sights.



After we finished this, my parents had an authentic Thai massage (they will tell you about it), while Ploy and I got ice cream.  A 1-hour massage costs about $14 and my Mom said the massage therapist walked on her!


Thank you, Ploy (and Pear), for the wonderful tour of Bangkok. We would have been lost without you! We look forward to seeing you both when you come to America!


Even their airports are beautiful. All around Bangkok, we saw pictures of the King and the airport was no different. They sure LOVE him!

Look for more posts from you Junior Worldtrek Reporter…




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