Paradise in Phuket

Who doesn’t want some paradise every once in a while?! After busy Bangkok, we decided that it was time to just relax. We found that Phuket, Thailand, was the perfect place for this.

After a beautiful plane ride, we landed in this lovely place.



For the first day, we just relaxed at the resort.

We were tired after waking up early to fly to Phuket.


After this relaxing day, we were a bit more active.  I made some beautiful arts and crafts for my Moms’ 11th wedding anniversary at the Kid’s Club.



Since it was so hot we ended up swimming in an awesome pool at another resort that you can take a shuttle bus to.

Even though the waterslide was being repaired, it was worth it.


I met yet another friend from Australia, too!

We had some fun on the beach and in the pool.




On our way to the store the next day, we met someone selling handmade brooms!


It was really cool how he arranged them in the cart with his bike.

My parents loved the Thai massage so much in Bangkok, that they decided to have another one in Phuket!

As I have been doing throughout our world trek, I continued face-timing with my 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Perry, and classmates.  I love seeing my friends and classmates and I miss them very much.


Well, sorry to say, but that was the end of our first couple days in Phuket. Look for more Phun posts from Phuket from your Junior Worldtrek Reporter.


We are going on a sailing adventure that you will not want to miss!

Keep Calm and Travel Around the World!

6 thoughts on “Paradise in Phuket

  1. Hi Ladies! Nice to see you are having such a great time. Thailand looks beautiful and I am excited to see a few more pictures. Makenna how was your birthday? Did you do something special? Love you miss you



  2. Hey McKenna! I love mispronouncing the name of this island. I hadn’t known it for about five years, but the background pictures I have on my computer desktop are actually from this beautiful island. What are the odds? These are them:

    Really cool you guys got to visit. Hope you guys had so much fun, and I bet it was even more relaxing than it looks!


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