Marvelous Melbourne, Part II

For all of you tennis players (especially Grandma Marcia), we went to the courts where the Australian Open is played!


It was really fun seeing where this international event takes place every year.




Walking back to the apartment we were staying, in the Southbank (a very cool area), we stopped at the sound of bells.


When we took a closer look, we found out that they are actually called the “Federation Bells,” which ring three times a day for one hour. We enjoyed them from 5-6:00 PM.



The bells were designed by Australian engineers and the songs are all original compositions by Aussie musicians – it made my heart sing!

One more thing, we were in Melbourne on Anzac Day. This is basically Veterans Day as we Americans celebrate.


This is because they honor the soldiers who fought, and some who died, in World War I and World War II.


As part of this celebration, there were two women who started an organization back in the early 1900s where people sewed handmade poppies to honor all the people who died in New Zealand and Australia during these wars. Now, there are millions of poppies sent from people all over the world!


We sure had a good time in Melbourne, and got to spend more time with our friend Lizzie.



Thanks Lizzie for everything – we can’t wait to see you in the US next year!


Look for more posts from your Junior Worldtrek Reporter soon – next stop, The Great Ocean Road!


Keep calm and travel around the world.


3 thoughts on “Marvelous Melbourne, Part II

  1. I’m really glad to went to Melbourne. It’s my favorite (or “favourite” since you’re in a Commonwealth country!) city in Australia. If you have time, take your Moms to the Art Museum (check out the waterwall!) and go see the black swans in the Gardens. Looking forward to seeing your next posts and hearing more about your travels!


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