Marvelous Melbourne, Australia

Who can guess where we went next? If you can’t guess, we went to the city of Melbourne.


Melbourne is known as the arts and culture center of Australia


I would like to start from the very beginning of our little adventure.  The first thing we did was go to the State Theater where we got a private tour!


On the bridge we were walking on to get to our next destination were love locks, some jammed together so much that you couldn’t find a space to put a new one.

IMG_1748   IMG_1749


Mother’s Day is coming up!

Our next destination was the Melbourne museum.


This museum was jam-packed with cool stuff like the history of the aboriginal people, awesome dinosaur skeletons, and how the earth was in the past and how it might be in the future.


Make no bones about it, this is a GREAT museum

We also watched eel feeding, looked at old-fashioned objects, and a giant squid.


The Melbourne Museum is for sure a to-go place. After the museum visit, and since I needed to get some energy out, we went to a playground called Art play, where the kids get to draw all over the structures.



That night we tried our luck to get extra tickets to the Lion King, which is one of our favorite musicals ever.


We got in to the Lion King!  While in line we met a very nice lady named Courtney, from Tennessee. Courtney is a very special person, and we want to thank her very much for her generous spirit – it was great to meet her and sit near each other at the performance of the Lion King.

IMG_1801 IMG_1914

We spent four days in Melbourne, so stay tuned for more on Melbourne from your Junior Worldtrek Reporter…..


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5 thoughts on “Marvelous Melbourne, Australia

  1. Hey Makenna! We’ve been following your amazing journey around the world! Thank you for sharing such incredible photos!! What has been your favorite place, experience and food so far?

    Much Love & Kindness!
    Aunt Liz & Uncle Alex


    • Hey Aunt Liz and Uncle Alex! I am so glad that you’ve been following our blog. So far, my favorite food has been New Zealand lamb, and I think Australia scores my favorite place on this trip so far, and Harry Potter World at Universal Studios in Osaka, Japan was my favorite experience. Harry Potter is my all time favorite book series, so you can guess how exited I was to see the replica of Hogwarts and Hogsmead. Miss you so much!


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