Camper + Me = GLEE!

Hello, folks!  Nice posting to you “mates,” still from Australia.


I love all animals, especially big, hungry birds!

We left Melbourne and are doing something we have NEVER done before – on this trip. We hired (typical Australian word for rented) a CAMPER!

Camper + Me = GLEE !!!


Special thanks to Melanie at Apollo RV Rentals for hooking us up in an awesome RV….check it out!


Melanie dialed us in so we would be styling’ and comfortable for 8 days in our camper!


We said goodbye to Lizzie!

The first night we drove our camper to the amazing, awesome Great Ocean Road!


It is like the Pacific Coast Highway, but not like the Pacific Coast Highway! The Great Ocean Road is a rural road.


Yes, I AM on the driver’s side!


Stop where you want, when you want – it doesn’t get much better than this!


Most of our time driving in the camper was spent on the road along the ocean, but we traveled inland occasionally.


At one stop, we got to feed beautiful parrots that land on your arm and eat straight from your hand!




Mama was nervous, one landed on her head, too!


In some places we spotted koalas again!


Eat, sleep, eat, sleep, eat, sleep, eat some more, sleep some more, repeat.

Every day we found the perfect picnic spot for lunch with good, I mean great views!



I get to keep up with my cooking skills with Chef Mommy in the RV, too, while enjoying the views!

I wish you lads and lassies could be with us – our adventures are getting more exciting every day!


Keep Calm and Travel Around the World


I hope my posts are lighting up your day!

3 thoughts on “Camper + Me = GLEE!

  1. I always look forward to your stories about your adventure. The pictures are absolutely beautiful! Glad you are having such an awesome experience. Can’t wait to see the next edition!


  2. Wow! Getting a camper is a great way to travel and see lots of gorgeous scenes! Thanks for sharing your pics and stories with us–it’s wonderful to follow along with you. (If you’re going all the way past Sydney up to Queensland, I remember a really beautiful national park that had a natural swimming pool with a waterfall you could climb and jump from. It’s something like “Kontadilla”….Ask any local, it’s famous and lots of fun!)


  3. Feeding the birds looks like a lot of fun! So does the camper; that’s something we’re thinking of doing when we start our 50 states project as a family!


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