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Let’s gather ‘round and listen to the story about our stay in Salzburg, Austria!

IMG_8082But first the train ride from Zurich to Salzburg was about 4 hours long, and nothing short of amazing!


Here is window view from our place, right in the center of Salzburg


We stayed in this lovely apartment for 4 days and 3 nights


It’s not every day you look out your window and see a castle!

Once in Salzburg, one of the first things we wanted to do was go to the the Salzbergwerks (Salt Mines), which is actually just over the Austrian border in Germany!


It was so hot outside, that when we went into the salt mines it felt like it was 0 degrees fahrenheit underground. We got to ride on a mining train to our first destination way deep in the mountain through several tunnels and mine shafts!


We had to wear these suits because sometimes salt drips on you

To get salt, they fill caverns up with water and let the salt disintegrate into the water, which is a process of about thirty years.  Then, when the water goes down, the salt solidifies into crystals which can be taken and made into edible salt.


Did you know that salt is what made Salzburg so wealthy?  I have a feeling that you are enjoying my fun facts, so I have a pretty good one here.  Did you know that these salt mines are older than the United States? They are about 500 years old and the U.S. is only 249 years old.


It’s true!  And they are still in operation!


It was really fun to go down giant slides to get deeper underground.

One of my favorite things that we did in the salt mine was Mirror Lake, which seems like it is not there, because it is the spitting image of everything around it. It was quite beautiful when the engineer put on a light show because , as you can imagine, all the lights reflected into amazing patterns.  Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take pictures inside the salt mines — trade secrets and all that!

After the Salzbergwerks, we took the bus back to Salzburg.


My Mom wanted to go to the famous Monk’s brewery that our host recommended.


So she went to check this out and experience the Monk’s homemade brew, and beer garden.


Different food stations for all kinds of cuisine for your enjoyment


Indoor Beer Hall


But everyone was outside because it was such a lovely evening!

At the same time, my Mama and I went to the top of a hill and got great views of Salzburg.



Another fairy tale!


Later, we had a dessert at a famous hotel called Hotel Sacher.



As you can see,  I enjoyed a little “shadow dancing” as you will see….

The next day in the morning we walked down our little lane right to Mozart’s Home.


Geburtshaus means “birth house.”

It was really interesting to learn how much composing he did in such a short lifetime.



Furniture from the Mozart family’s home


One of “The Magic Flute” sets.  BTW, stay tuned for more Magic Flute stuff from Vienna, too!

After Mozart —  later in the day……there is a second really big reason we came to Salzburg, which I will tell you about in my next post…..  It is the 50th Anniversary of……can you guess???  There is a big hint in this picture:


Recognize anything? Yes, pretend you hear us singing!

Look for more posts from you Junior WorldTrek Reporter


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  1. another awesome segment! You are quite the journalist… such amazing pictures and details of your fabulous journey. Thanks for sharing… looking forward to more stories!


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