We are going on a day trip, people!

Let’s go to Lake Lucerne!

Andy and Ara recommended this beautiful town.

To get there we took the train and then a beautiful boat ride across Lake Lucerne to get the cog railway to Mt. Rigi.


After that, you take a cog railway up to the top of Mt. Rigi – this is part of the many ski areas in Switzerland.


We took a cog railway because the slope is so steep, the train has to have something to grab on to – so the gears of the cog, grab onto the track.


This reminds me of my birthplace, Colorado Springs, where you can take a cog railway to the top of Pikes Peak.

IMG_7842 IMG_8091

On the way up, and especially at the top,you get the most lovely, awesome, beautiful views of the Swiss Alps, Lake Lucerne, the towns below, and all of the beautiful peaks, like the Eiger, Frau, and more…



The north face of the Eiger is known as the most notorious face in the world, and is referred to as the “Wall of Death”! Yikes!

We had just turned around when we heard the sound of bells, cowbells, to be exact.


I bet that this is cow heaven in the Alps, with the beautiful views, fresh air and with all that grass, I would turn green.


After the descent on the cog from Rigi, we took a steamboat back to the city.


Yes, those white dots are boats on Lake Lucerne

The steamboat has been restored and the engine was beautiful to see.

In town of Lucerne, we went to the oldest wooden covered bridge in Europe as well as the world oldest surviving truss bridge.


It was built in 1333 and was partially burned in 1993.  A very generous person donated all the money to have it rebuilt in its original form.


I wanted to know what made a truss bridge a truss bridge and found out it is a bridge whose load-bearing superstructure is made of a structure of connected elements forming triangular units.



By the way, the Golden Gate bridge is another example of a truss bridge.


After a great day in Lucerne, we travelled back to Zurich and had a peaceful night’s sleep.

Throughout the week, we continued our crazy fun with Andy and Ara!


Who looks the weirdest?


This is the tram we took every day from A&A’s place to head out for the day


Another day, we also took a short trip to Uetliberg,  There is a tower at the top, with great views of Lake Zurich, and hiking/walking trails everywhere.


My Mom is coming back to Switzerland and she said she wants to do some hiking here.


The Swiss Alps just make you want to hike and yodel!

Switzerland is famous for its chocolate, too!  Cows  +  Milk  =  Milk Chocolate!


Swiss cows + Swiss ice cream (Movenpick) and Swiss Chocolate!

BTW – if you guessed this Swatch is the one I picked, you are correct!  🙂



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