Sydney Sites and Adventures

Who goes to Sydney, Australia, and doesn’t go to the Sydney Opera House?


I was amazed by all the detail they put into building it, how big all the theaters are and all the architects’ incredible ideas.


The view from inside the opera house outside of the Joan Sutherland Theatre.


1,056,006 tiles were used to make the shell-shaped grooves. It took 14 years to complete


The concrete tiles were manufactured in Sweden. You might think that the opera house is one color, but actually, they used two colors, glossy white and matte cream, so it wasn’t too bright to look at in the sunshine.

There was a design competition, where 233 architects from 32 countries submitted ideas for the new opera house.  Legend has it that the chosen design was rescued from a pile of 30 rejects.  It was submitted by Mr. Jorn Utzon, from Denmark.


Utzon had no idea that the Sydney Opera House would become one of the worlds’ most famous buildings.


The opera house at sunset was amazing!

The theatres are all so beautiful.


I really enjoyed the tour with the guide, too.

I had a lot of questions

I had a lot of questions, like “do they have kids’ programs here?”


Later in the day, we climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge!  Daniel Radcliffe, one of my favorite actors; and, the entire cast from Modern Family has also climbed.


It was a really fun adventure!


The Sydney Harbour Bridge was meant to last about 40 years, but now has survived twice as much time!


You start by hooking-in your safety harness to a cable which runs all along the climb for safety.  We walked along the steel girders, under the road (from left to right), up to the steel arches, and  then, up the arch!  It is super high and super fun!



The views are amazing!  And it is super high and super cool!


The flags of Australia and the state of New South Wales are flying on top.  There are six states in Australia and they each have their own flag.  If you want to learn more about the states and flags you can check out this website.


What a great way to wrap up Sydney!  We had tons of fun sightseeing!


It’s getting exciting — Walking up to the bridge to get ready for the climb



Of course, we really enjoyed more time with the Fletchers!  Thanks so much to Hannah and the Fletcher family for hosting us in your home. It was way better than the hotel would have been!


Rochelle, Hannah and Rys


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