Hello everybody!


We made these tye-dye T-shirts in Fiji together

Do you remember Hannah, from Fiji?  Well, we stayed in her house in Sydney, Australia!  It was fun having some kid – time after a while with grown-ups.


One amazing thing we did was go to Les Miserables, one of my favorite musicals, in the old Capitol Theatre.



The acoustics were amazing, especially in the first scene – I got goosebumps when the orchestra started playing!



Here we are with Hannah, Rochelle, and Jamie Fletcher

It was fun being in the audience, because when I was in the musical, as Young Cosette, at the Woodland Opera House, in California, I never saw it live myself because I was always backstage.



It was fun to wear my Les Mis t-shirt from the Woodland Opera House to the show! If you are from the Woodland Opera House, please give me a shout out! I miss you guys.

Another thing we did was go to the Sydney zoo, where I saw Tasmanian devils, kangaroos, wallabies, emus, giraffes, lions and many other animals – though I didn’t see any flying dingoes – inside joke with my classmates.


Question to my classmates: What leaf do koalas eat?


This koala brushed right up against my Mama.


I see a smile on her face, don’t you?


Check out the koala sticking its tongue out for the photo! LOL

I loved the zoo!



What caption would you put for this photo?



This komodo dragon was taking a nap in the sun. Komodo dragons are the largest living species of lizards, growing up to 10 feet and weighing up to 150 pounds.


I was chosen from the audience to play with the seal!


He responded to my command to jump!


I love the views from the zoo! Here we are with Rochelle, Hannah and Rhys.


Look for another Sydney post from your Junior Worldtrek Reporter.


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2 thoughts on “Sydney

    • Paul is so silly! What is your favorite thing about your new friend, Hannah? I love visiting animals and going to zoos as well. That is so awesome that you were able to participate in the show! Did the seal splash you, too? That is what always seems to happen when I go to one of those shows (not that I’ve ever been picked! They don’t tend to choose grown ups :().


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