To the West Coast of the Mainland (south island), New Zealand

Now we have been to a town fit for a QUEEN! Can you guess it’s name?



From Philip and Diana’s home in Oamaru (more on that later), we drove the 3 hours to Queenstown.


It looks like a dream


On the way we looked at the elephant rocks. It is hard to believe that it used to be under the sea.

IMG_0889They were sculptures of rocks piled high in the air. You stop and wonder, “are they really there?”

We got back in the car and went on our way. Next stop had a river with people on boogie boards gliding down the rapids in the currents. It is called river surfing. They had wetsuits on because the water was freezing- it was snowing in the mountains in the distance!




After that we traveled through countryside with grapevines and orchards, after all, this is a big part of New Zealand. Am I right?


An old gold mining town on the river and vineyards all around

Finally, we reached our destination, Queenstown. Awaiting us in the morning at our home stay was a very nice Australian couple from Canberra. Aeron braided my hair and I braided hers.


Nice to meet you Aeron and Troy!

Down to the town we went. There was a line of creative mailboxes down the street and beautiful views of the lake, shiny and sleek.


The mail must go through



Queensland is a ski town with several ski areas – Yay!


That wasn’t all, because on our way back we saw an activity that might give you a heart attack. A bungee jump that is way high up, on a bridge.


This is where bungee jumping was invented back in the 1970’s.





I wanted to go jump off that bridge, but I am too young to do it — you have to be 10-years old.


This now brings an end to my unabridged story!


Okay – abridged story!

Look for more from your world trek reporter.


I get my doggie-fix whenever I can! I miss my dog, Powder; and friends, classmates, neighbors and grandma — talk to you soon!

Keep Calm and Travel Around the World!

2 thoughts on “To the West Coast of the Mainland (south island), New Zealand

    • Well, what first pops into my head is home, because I miss it so much, but I think I would go back to Australia beacuase there is so much that we didn’t see, like dingoes, my favorite animals.


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