The hills are alive, in Austria!


Yes, we are now in the home of the Sound of Music, Salzburg, Austria!  If that’s what you guessed from the previous blog, you are right!


It is the 50th Anniversary of the release of the Sound of Music Movie, and Salzburg is where they filmed most of the movie!


Many of you probably know that there are sing-a-longs all over the country now, which are mostly held around Christmas time.  Here is a picture of us with me friend, Nora, at the sing-a-long at the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento.


My Mom got first prize for “The Baroness!”  We got second prize for “a drink with jam and bread.”  And Mama G yodeled as the “Goatherd.

Many people dress up for these sing-a-longs!”


“A Drink With Jam and Bread”

Hundreds of thousands of tourists come here just to go on the Sound of Music tour, which was made only for the purpose of people seeing all the different places where everything was filmed.


The Dome used for the Monastery

My parents went on this tour with me when I was a baby and decided it would be a great experience for me to remember now that I am older.


Remember the Children Hanging from Trees?

The first stop was a the lake where Maria and the children fall into the water from the boat.

Did you know that the child that played Gretl couldn’t swim, so Julie Andrews was supposed to grab her when the boat tipped over.


Well, Julie fell to the back of the boat and Gretl fell to the front, so Gretl was drowning until another one of the Von Trapp children grabbed her.

Another fun fact is that there were three different Von Trapp mansion sets used in the movie. One was by the lake, which was used as the back of the house, the second used as the front, which was three miles away; and, the last was a set in Hollywood for the inside of the house.


This is the house used for the front of the house when Maria first arrives at house.

After the “backyard house”, we went to the gazebo used in the song “Sixteen going on Seventeen.”


The thing that is funny is that they filmed if from the outside, but the inside was filmed in another Hollywood set because the real thing was too small for the dance.

We then went into the mountains which are called the Lake and Mountain District, but we couldn’t go to the mountains scene in the beginning of the movie, because it is on private property.


The next stop, after a ride of laughter and singing to the “Sound of Music” songs, was the church where Maria got married to the Captain.



It was quite beautiful. After the church, my Mom’s and I enjoyed an ice cream cone and took a break.



The Store Manager

At the end of the tour we went to the Mirabella Gardens where most of the Do-Re-Mi song were filmed.


We had fun acting out the scenes from that song.  We are going to dub it to music soon!



After the tour, we went to another cool park for more fun time.


Watch the 5-second Gazebo video — so after the Gazebo — Another Weeeee!!!

Well, as they say, “So Long, Farewell!”


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