Passengers, prepare for landing in Greece!

We had a very long plane ride from South Africa, but it was awesome! We flew on Emirates, the number one airline in the world!


Emirates has the youngest fleet of jumbo jets in in the airline industry

IMG_6275 And we flew through Dubai… Wish we could have spent a little more than a few hours to see this amazing city!


I have never seen these types of lounging chairs in any airport!

Once we got to the hotel from the airport, we all totally crashed – no surprise, after sightseeing in Kruger for a half a day, driving 5 hours to Jo-burg airport, and traveling 24 hours…..but it was totally worth it!  Although we did venture out for some greek salads and gyros – Yummy!


Just amazing and breath-taking!

The next day, we took an excursion to the ruins of Delphi.


The bow and arrow is one of Apollo’s symbols.

We went to Delphi because Apollo, my favorite Greek God, the God of music, creativity, the sun, health, poetry, and prophecy, is the patron God of Delphi.


Did you notice my T-shirt? It is from Percy Jackson’s Halfbloods

In Delphi, it was believed that there was a woman who shared part of Apollo’s Spirit, and could tell prophecies to people who needed advice. IMG_6299


A closer look at the details of this beautiful building

It was here that we met Anna, our tour guide.  I was so excited that she knew so much about Greek mythology.  She could answer all my questions!


Anna wa a fabulous and very knowledgable guide

There was also a theater with grass sprouting through the seat because of its age.


The theater could seat many hundreds of people!

In a certain spot in the center of the amphitheater, you can say something and the sound will reverberate from all of the seats back into your ears.  It was used to hear over the loud audience and make it easier for the performers to stay in tune. IMG_6342   IMG_6296


FYI — 🙂

After the ruins, we went to the Museum of Delphi.  Anna explained many of the great highlights in the place. IMG_6334 It held ancient artifacts from statues to war helmets.


These are some of the Greek master pieces of the time period – many were found buried under ground after earthquakes.

IMG_6330 IMG_6325


A model of Delphi, based on what is left of structures and historic recordings that are written in some of the walls

IMG_6337 Once we tore our eyes away from this awesome place, we had lunch at a local family’s restaurant up in the hills about an hour and a half outside of Athens. IMG_6345 IMG_6340 It had beautiful views, and I had a great steak! IMG_6349 On the way back to Athens, we stopped in a town built into the side of a mountain for a quick break. IMG_6347 IMG_6344 And then, we drove back to the hotel on our tour bus after a very full itinerary — yes, we had more salads and gyros.  BTW, the Greeks put their french fries in their gyros! IMG_6284 Boy, what a day we had! IMG_1569

I love Greek Mythology! IMG_6342   IMG_6282     Stay tuned for more posts from your Junior WorldTrek Reporter IMG_6338 Keep Calm and Travel Around the World IMG_6312

One thought on “Delphi Day, Greece

  1. HI Mackanna it’s Hannah here your blog is so interesting now I’m thinking about going around the world when I’m older and again I really really miss you and I hope I go to America some day ok keep on writing bye Makanna.


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