Safari and Me, Part Three!

Did you know that there are no two giraffes or zebras who have the same prints, just like humans’ fingerprints?  Remember the zebras’ optical illusion I shared with you in the previous safari post? So, my birthday week and safari days continue…..


Well, Hello Up There!

When giraffes are born, they fall about eight feet, since mama giraffe is so tall. Welcome to the world – BONK!


These animals are absolutely gorgeous, and an adult’s torso was as high as the top of our car!


IMG_6023 We went on two game drives, where a ranger points out animals along the ride.


Edward, our Game Driver

We did one at sunset, and one at sunrise, too. For the sunset one, we used spotlights to look for the animals.


These hyenas are no laughing matter!

They are easy to spot because of the reflection of the animals eyes.


They look awfully cute, but……

Once you see the flashing of the eyes, we would stop and take a closer look, but not shine the spotlights directly in the animals’ eyes, as you will see below. IMG_5920


These are the spotlights that we used to search for animals in the dark


Wow, this really is Afrika!

I think the the animals knew it was a special day (my birthday) because they kept popping up all over the place.


The lone wildebeest bull hangs out with big herds of impalas for protection. The impalas will warn him when a predator is approaching — pretty smart!

One time, we were just driving along the road when I saw something sticking up over the trees – giraffes!! IMG_6017 IMG_6011 Boy, how I love going on Safari, especially on my birthday! And we still have three more days left in Kruger National Park!


Tremendous, Terrific Tuskers!

For the last two nights, we stayed in Letaba Camp.  Again we had a nice-style chalet, and had a chance to cook two braais! IMG_6239 IMG_6244

IMG_6226 I Remember I told you I love that sticky chicken, so we made it again, and we also made SMORES!


Sticky chicken, garlic bread, and my Mom’s famous “Blue Bread” – Yummmm!


Smores — Double Yummmmm!

The next morning, we went on a sunrise game drive with another Ranger.  Man, it was early — we had to get up at 4:30AM!


It was early and cold and 5 AM


I got a game animal sighting book for my birthday




Can guess which animal made these tracks? If you said alligator, you are right!


Sleeping hippos…..just so you know, hippos feel much safer in the water, than on land. You can approach hippos in the water and they won’t do anything; but, on land they will charge, according to Ranger Edward!


The End 🙂

Look for more posts from your Junior WorldTrek Reporter IMG_6152 Keep Calm and Travel Around the World IMG_6166

8 thoughts on “Safari and Me, Part Three!

  1. I sure have enjoyed reading your posts describing and outlining your great adventure! It’s given me the travel bug for sure. What places would you reccomend I put on my bucket list? I can’t wait to hear all about the trip when you return. Safe travels…


    • Hi Tami,

      Some of my favorite places were Australia and South Africa because of all the animals. South Africa is really cheap, in fact, a good bottle of wine would only cost $3. Glad you have the travel bug!! Now that you are retired, you have more time to retire. Yay!


  2. Happy Birthday, Makenna! We all have loved reading your blog and experiencing your adventures with you! You are doing a great job! Travel on!!


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