Garden Route Part III – Plettenberg Bay and Robberg Island, South Africa

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After we left the Wild Farm Backpacker, we went to a cool area called the “Map of Africa,” close to The Wild Farm.


One river is salt water coming up from the ocean, and the other is fresh water coming down from the mountains we drove through the day before.

As you can see it is a geographic area that is naturally shaped into the continent of Africa.


Also today, I will tell you about our time spent on Robberg Island.


A beautiful historic church along the way, in St. George.

We left the Garden Route after a few hours of driving to find our hotel and we found Plettenberg Bay to be a magnificent town!


Can you see the people on the beach in the distance?

After lunch, we went to Robberg Nature Reserve and Marine Protected Area. Halfway through the hike, we met a group of people who had spotted a great white shark, and then guess what?


See the dorsal fin, just sticking out of the water?

The great white shark appeared out of the murky water we saw its body and fin – it was awesome!  Normally, there would be tons of seals around, but I don’t think there would be any today, at least not with a shark on the loose!

A little farther through the hike I met two girls who joined us for the rest of the walk.


I had fun talking with them and their families like to travel too!



Here are some facts you might like to know about Robberg Island:

Like in the stone ages: Nelson Bay cave is an important middle and later Stone Age archaeological site. first occupied 12,000 years ago when the sea level dropped


Grasslands stretch beyond the southern horizon during the last Ice Age when sea levels were lower and giant Cape horses, giant Buffalo and giant hartebeest used to graze here and they became extinct about 10,000 years ago.  There are several other caves and open sites with evidence of the stone age occupation on this peninsula.


There are detailed interpretation facilities at the Nelson Cave, which are really interesting.


After the hike, we went back to our hotel and had an awesome dinner.


I had one of my favorites, lamb; and, my mom tried springbok, for the first time! The restaurant at the Beacon was fantastic!



We were up to see the sunrise to look for whales and head to Addo National Elephant Park



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