Sailing out to to Sea What We Could Sea – Phuket

We are monkeying around in Thailand, people!


More to come on this funny guy 🙂

After two days being lazy on the beach, we decided it was time to have an adventure!  So we booked a tour and drove down to the harbor. Captain Mark sailed us past beautiful islands all around Phuket.


Captain Mark and Assistant Captain Makenna


Departing From the Harbor


Anchors Away My Friends


Does it get more beautiful?!

IMG_4081 Our tour guide took us into two different caves. The first cave was full of bats and had a really strong smell of bat poop.


Holy Stinky, Batman!


The Caves are Amazing!

This cave was awesome – we were in there by ourselves until we were exiting.


We are Learning About Calcites in 4th Grade


Photo from inside cave

Isn’t the outline of this photo interesting?

After that, we went into another cave called the “Ice Cream Cave.”


Off to go Speluniking!

It is called the ice cream cave because that is how the rock formation looks like an ice cream cone with caramel topping! Don’t you agree? IMG_1040 At the end of the tunnel, there is a small opening where you can see a hidden Lagoon.


I wonder how many people make it to this place?


The Blue Lagoon

We also had a beautiful look at stalagmites and stalactites – some hanging down from the ceiling of the cave and some of the calcification forming below and joining it in the middle.  It was fun seeing the calcites, because Mrs. Perry taught us about them this year in fourth grade.   IMG_4019 After the caves, everyone was hungry, so we retired to a little bay,  where we took a dinghy to a secluded beach to have lunch.


Our Sailboat and Little Dinghy


It was our own private beach!

Lunch included Tom Ka Chicken Soup, made out of coconut milk, one of my Thai favorites! IMG_4150 While the cook was cooking lunch, we were definitely preoccupied by this crazy and hungry little monkey who tried to steal our food. IMG_4129 IMG_4163   IMG_4133

After lunch, we headed back to the harbor– but not without some excitement: First, I got to jump off the top of the boat!


This was high – jumping from the roof of the cabin!


Woo Hoo!

IMG_4113 Second, there were two big storms on either side of us, so we lowered our sails. We motored into the harbor just at the edge of the storms…. And then it was sunny again. IMG_4054 Look for more posts from your Junior WorldTrek Reporter IMG_4125 Keep Calm and Travel Around the World IMG_4148

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