Farewell Fun Fiji!

Bula! (hello, how are you? and much more). Our time in Fiji has ended. Vinaka (thank you) to everyone who made this trip wonderful. We have had a great time and met some wonderful people.

Hannah from Sydney, Australia

Hannah from Sydney, Australia

Matthew from Fiji

Matthew from Fiji


Shayal from Fiji

Now to learn some fun facts. The jungle myna is very common in Fiji. We saw them a lot at the resort. A very useful tree of Fiji is the coconut tree. Another fact is that Fiji time is very slow. If someone is late, they just say “Fiji Time.” Fiji is in the Standard Time Zone (19 hours ahead of California). When you travel here you cross the international date line, so we are one day ahead. IMG_0316   IMG_0321 The climate is very tropical and humid. Did you know that two Fijian dollars equals one American dollar? Use the information in this post to answer the quiz questions at the bottom of the page. IMG_0284 Well, now we are on the next leg of our journey. Fiji was very relaxing and fun. We all had a wonderful time. I hope we can go there again someday. IMG_0260 IMG_0292 IMG_0208 Quiz questions: 1. If I bought a souvenir for 34 Fijian dollars, how much would that be in American dollars? 2. If it was 2:00pm on a Wednesday in Fiji, what time and day would it be in California? 3. What symbol is on Fiji’s flag that is also on England’s flag? Special treat from around the world to my classmates who answer these questions correctly! Bula! Bula! And Vinake, Fiji! IMG_0295 Next stop is New Zealand, starting in Auckland.

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One thought on “Farewell Fun Fiji!

  1. Hi, Hannah your Aussie friend here, I loved the things that you said about fiji and I liked all the pictures of you and me. I can’t wait till you come to Sydney, see you soon!


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