This is Paradise!

Now, we are staying at an amazing resort, right on the beach! It is paradise! There is a pool with a swim-up bar where I have ordered the Fijian version of a Shirley Temple, which includes cherry soda with vanilla ice cream. The resort also has fun activities such as Pool Scrabble and Bingo.

Pool and Ocean - 72 degrees!

Pool and Ocean – 72 degrees!


hang loose, Fiji time!

Our friend Matthew who I mensioned yesterday, has been very kind to us. He is one of the activities and first aid workers, and is from Fiji, but his wife’s family actually lives in Sacramento! IMG_0191

Matthew is very special — he made me a hat out of leaves, took us shopping in Nadi town, and leads walks that my Moms go on early in the morning.


I made a friend named Hannah who is from Australia. We are going to meet up with Hannah and her family when we are in Sydney in a few weeks.

Fast friends, Aussie and Yankee!  "Good on ya, mates!"

Fast friends, Aussie and Yankee! “Good on ya, mates!”

Australians say many words differently because of their accent. For example, when playing Marco Polo, it sounds like they are saying “Polar.” They also say totally different words, like rubbish instead of garbage and chips instead of fries. Most people who visit Fiji are from Australia and New Zealand, so it is very rare to come across an American.

At the resort, when the sun sets, there is a torch lighting ceremony with loud drums beating while a Fijian in a native costume runs around lighting the torches surrounding the pool. I got to help light the torch and that was fun.

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