Fiji Time

We’re here in Fiji now with our host family: Sachin, Malti, and Shayal. Our host family is originally from India. They invited us to the birthday celebration of one of their gods, Ram. The celebration lasts eight to nine days, in which no meat is eaten. We got to see all the native outfits and experience all the culture. During the ceremony there was singing, dancing, and praying in the Hindi language.

host family

host family

Hindi God Rama Celebration

Hindi God Rama Celebration


At our hosts’ house I noticed that Fijians eat mostly with their hands. They mix food up into a ball with their hands, combining different foods from their plate. During breakfast, Malti taught us some of the history of Fiji. The Indians were tricked by the British into thinking they could go to Fiji, get a job, make some money and go back home. But Malti said once they arrived, the Europeans forced them into being slaves and never let them go home. Meanwhile there were the natives of the island, The first Fijians came from Africa. English is required in school and our friend Mathew (not you, Matthew L, or any other Matthew we know in America), told us that if you spoke Fijian at school, you would get punished.

Traditional Meal at celebration

Traditional Meal at celebration


There are no shoes in the house and no napkins are used. Fiji is multicultural (Fijians, Indians, Chinese, Europeans). Malti said that mostly the Chinese, Europeans, and Indians are the busniess owners.

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Peace Around the World

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